Package consists of bunk support for the center pontoon.  A special heavy duty Winch stand with wider steps, handrail, and extra depth for protruding center tube. The stand itself is heavier steel to accommodate the additional weight of triple tube pontoons and has a #3200 front loading winch
(in lieu of the normal 1500 lb.) to pull on the heaviest pontoon.
We can fit any style: we just need to know the year, make, and model of your boat.

Triple  Pontoon  Trailer  Package

Stops 7000 lbs.

PT26T/13 Tandem Axle Trailer for 25’-27’ pontoons
20’ bunks    30’ overall length

Capacity w/o brakes 3940 lbs w/Brakes 4940 lbs

Load Guides (Set of 4)

​No Brakes
Your tow vehicle stops the load  

​Plastic Bunk Wrap

Stops 3500 lbs. 

Two-3500 lb. axle

4” box steel frame with baked-on powder-cote finish

 2” coupler

 1500 lb. dual wheel swing away tongue jack

Front loading 3200 lb winch stand with steps and a handrail

Steel fenders with steps

 13” radial tires Galvanized wheels (Upgraded from standard painted)

Up to 5000 lb. carrying capacity

Bunks adjust for pontoons 6’ to 8’ 6” wide

Submersible LED lighting with tail lights in protective cages

24’ and 26’ models have “ultra” reinforced bow and stern with 5 cross members trying the side frames together

Rubber backed carpeting over 2” x 4” wooden bunks

Includes all required D.O.T. equipment; lighting, chains, etc. required for the USA and Canada.

PT20T/13 Tandem Axle Trailer for 18’-21’ pontoons
15’ bunks     24’ overall lenth

Capacity w/o brakes 4050 lbs w/Brakes 5050 lbs


​Tandem Axle Flote-On Pontoon Trailers

Some triple tube pontoons (Bennington, Manitou, South Bay) have center tubes and engines that extend 2’ to 4’ beyond the back of the pontoons. When traveling, the longer center tube and engine should be supported.  Additional framework attached to the back extends the frame to support the longer center pontoon. This is especially important on boats with larger engines that extend beyond the back of the boat. .

Add on Options 


PT24T/13 Tandem Axle Trailer for 22’-24’ pontoons
19’ bunks    28 overall lenth

​Capacity w/o brakes 4020 lbs w/Brakes 5020 lbs

Chrome diamond plate on the winch stand, steps, tail lights, and fenders. 12” pieces on the front frame and small pieces on the tail light bracket. Diamond plate really stands out on the black trailer. 

Spare Tire w/mount -13"

​Dress-up Kit​​​

Standard Features 

Aluminum Rim Wheel Exchange​​

​Swing Tongue

Brake  Options 

Call for Pricing and availability


PT22T/13 Tandem Axle Trailers for 20’-22’ pontoons
17’ bunks     26 overall length

Capacity w/o brakes 4040 lbs w/Brakes 5040 lbs

Triple Tube “Extended Frame” Option

Any Mid America trailers can accommodate all brands of triple tube pontoons.